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Our own Agent handles the vessel from arrival to departure.

Competitive quotations are given within
a few hours of your request.

Translated, computerized, accurate accounts are rapidly submitted.

Accounts balances are remitted within
24 hours.

Up-To-Date information, costs and regulations are available on request       


Happy Line Agency Co.Ltd. ( HLA )

HLA is a an Egyptian Registered Company Main Head Office Is in Port Said Founded in 1982 As

A Private Owned Firm . Operating as a ship ,Agent at all the Egyptian ports and for suez canal transit. All contacts and accounts are handled through port said head office.Employs shipping professionals Who provide service to international standards . Has local expertise in Suez canal transit , cargo Operations ,bunkering crewing management , supplier provision and spare parts. Specialized in Tankers, gas bulk carrier , containers, cargo vessels, fishing boats and yachts.

23 Years “Happy Line Agency “ HLA act as shipping /protecting agent to attend vessels transit Suez Canal and /or call to any Egyptian ports. Since 1 st ,August 1998 are acting as full independent /private Agent According to Egyptian Ministry maritime . Understands the need for fast, accurate information and communications about the vessels and cargo. HLA in the spot, with strong local connection and long experience in dealing with vsls.problems.

So, if you please if you have any question or any comment, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at any time as we are working 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

PORT SAID PORT ( Our Main Location )

Port Description :

The Port Said port lies to the northern entrance of the Suez Cana l. It is considered one of the most important Egyptian ports due to its distinctive location on the entrance of the most significant waterway in the world (The Suez Canal) and in the middle of the biggest merchant shipping line between Europe and the east. It is moreover the biggest transit port in the world.

latitude : 31  16' N      Longitude : 32  19' E
VHF : 73, 12, 13, 16

The Approach Area :
Waterways    : 459 feet wide and 12.5 to 13 meters deep.
Waterbreaks : The Suez Canal entrance leading to the port is protected by two waterbreaks. The eastern waterbreak is approximately 3.5 miles long while the Western is approximately 1.5 miles long .

General Information :

The prevailing wind is the northern wind ,,,,,,,,The tide range is about 70 centimeters
The entrance : Vessels enter the port  through the Suez Canal whether from its northern or Southern entrances
water areas and shipping facilities : The water area is under the Suez canal authority which is responsible for all maritime activities, towage and pilotage.


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